Reblog this if you want a LONG anonymous message saying what they think of you.

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Just because you miss someone, it doesn’t mean they belong in your life.

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Found on - LINK


Found on - LINK

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Math is the only place where I hear a person buying 60 watermelons.


“Juan wants to buy 30 pounds of candy-“

I had 10 chocolate bars. I ate 9 of them. What do I have now?”


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She’s AMAZING!!! looking forward to listen to her poetry!

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Friends are forever, until they are in relationship.




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So I changed my Major, Health Science concentration in Health Management and will be minoring in Business Administration. I need to get my life together and focus in school. Cal State and me together for 3 more years. If everything goes as plan I will be out there when I’m  23 years of age. 

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Remind me of some PEOPLE!!!!

Remind me of some PEOPLE!!!!

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